Client Testimonials


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Amber caron, PR Director for industrium: on content marketing and PR writing

“Catherine has been a great writing resource, especially with our more industry-specific B2B clients. She is able to dive in to any new topic or vertical space, get up to speed with relative ease and draft solid technical pieces, with limited editing required."

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Pam sieving, President of cogan ophthalmic History society: on website content management

"Catherine does great work translating sometimes vague ideas into visible information to get our message across; she works independently and carefully, meets deadlines and takes initiative." 


R.J. McComish, manager of portTix: on social media assessment and strategy

"The comprehensive social media and branding assessment provided helped us to identify areas where we could improve our brand messaging across all platforms. It also gave us insight into our audiences and how to better reach them with our social media and paid advertising campaigns."